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Social Media Training.


I was asked the other day, how do I create an engaging social media post. This got me thinking and thought I would share 5 tips that can help you with this.

  1. Good Content
  2. Visual Content
  3. Positivity
  4. Engagement
  5. Timing

1. Good Content

  • No one wants to read boring posts!
  • Find ways to compel your audience
  • Interesting excerpts or funny commentary makes article links more engaging

Tip: Before you post, ask yourself would this interest you if you were reading this and would it catch your eye. 

2. Visual Content.

  • Visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text
  • Images on social media get more engagement than links and text

Tip: Couple a great image with your text post and links to encourage engagement

3. Positivity

  • Positive content gets more likes and shares on Facebook than negative content. 
  • Positive content also gives a better impression of your brand or business.

Tip: Keep your posts upbeat and never complain or criticize another business online.

4. Engagement

  • Tweets that include the phrase ‘please retweet’ get 4 times more retweets
  • Facebook posts that mention ‘like or share’ are more likely to receive that action

Tip: Use calls-to-action to increase engagement, but don’t overuse them or your posts might seem ‘spammy’

5. Timing

  • Know when your audience is online on each network
  • Schedule your post for maximum reach

Tip: Make sure your posts are timely and current based on the latest industry-relevant news and events. 

If you take these tip into consideration when you post on social media you can increase your potential to reach your customers. If you are interested in finding out more about posting on social media. Have a look at social media training page on the website for more details.

If you would like any more information on any of the tips covered in this blog please contact me Email: alan@kompassmedia.ie

LinkedIn Training


Creating a killer profile on LinkedIn can take time but it is well worth investing your time to do this. 

Why should you build a complete killer profile?

Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.

Let look at the reasons for doing this?

  1. Increase your visibility
  2. Showcase your talents
  3. Showcase your knowledge
  4. Be recommended by your colleagues 
  5. Connect with Influencers, partners and prospects.

Where do you start?  



This is the most important part of your profile, be creative and include key terms that make it easy for people to identify your industry and the role or roles you hold. 

NAME. Include your first, last and middle name (if applicable) 

LOCATION: Let people know your territory and country

INDUSTRY: Choose the industry you work in.

URL (Your LinkedIn Page). You can customize the LinkedIn Url to make it easy for people to find you. You can find this URL under your Photo (Example https://ie.linkedin.com/john-smith6632/9813) why not change it to read https://ie.linkedin.com/johnsmith 

PROFILE PHOTO: A picture can paint a hundred words, so make it count. Include a professional or semi-professional photo of yourself. Adding a strong photo to your profile can result in 14 times more profile view. 


This section should tell a story about you. It can be adapted to suit the user in order of preference by clicking on the double arrow in each section and moving it up or down. 

SUMMARY: Create a good summary to the success of your LinkedIn profile, as this is the most common section that people will view and make their decision to read on. Write a concise description of your values, present and future business ambitions. You can also add documents, photos, links, video, and presentations Keep this section positive and highlight your skills and accomplishments. 

EXPERIENCE: Be precise in your past experiences and current role(s) show details of what was involved within each role. Try to avoid using buzzwords, show versus tell about your skills and talents, for example instead of saying “excellent salesperson” show awards received or sale metric achieved. 

EDUCATION: Include information about degrees acquired and school attended. Including this information provides opportunity, to make connections with other alumni and also show competencies to others.  

CERTIFICATION: Showcase your certification that you have received. This also shows your commitment to completing courses or degrees you have done. 

SKILLS & ENDORSEMENTS: Add skills that demonstrate your professional roles, experience, and contributions. This attracts those who can validate your skills and give you recommendations based on your skillset. LinkedIn members that include skills in their profile on average receive 13 times more profile views.

PROJECTS: Include projects to validate skills and reinforce assertions made in your description. Add links to current projects to support credibility. It is very important to showcase these skills. 66% of companies will hire based on experiences. 

CONNECTIONS: Be strategic in making connections with coworkers, peers in your industry and present and past clients and customers. You can add up to 30,000 connection but you can only send out 3000 invitations. Please be realistic when inviting connections it is about quality nor quantity. 

GROUPS: Join groups to maximize LinkedIn networking potential and utilize the ability to contact others group members. 

If you require any further information about LinkedIn. We supply one to one or group training on this platform. See Link below

Here is the link: http://www.kompassmedia.ie/social-media-training/linkedin-training/

Email: alan@kompassmedia.ie


Social Media network usage over the past five years and can see a large increase in Active users online using social media. This may also be of use for students gathering information on Social Media for assignments.

In a report on Social Networking Quarterly from IPSOS MRBI (Appendix 4) it shows the largest Social Media penetration in the Irish Market: Facebook 61%, Twitter 29%, LinkedIn 24% Google+ 24% Instagram 18%

Social Media Networks

Social Media Platforms play an important role in how businesses target audiences make decisions. In a report published by (Nielsen 2015) 60% of consumers researched products through multiple online sources learning about a specific brand or retailer through social network sites. Consumers are more likely to read reviews online with 3 out of 5 creating their own reviews on products and services. Women are more likely than men to review online: 81% female vs. 72% males.

Consumer reviews are a more preferred source of research on a brands product or service. 41% of reviewers say they receive discounts for sharing brand experiences online. Social media users say they trust recommendations from social media networks, knowing that they have come from like-minded people. Consumers now write reviews to help protect others from bad experiences and 1 in 4 say they

share their negative feedback to punish companies.It has been established that 42% of 18 -24year olds expect customer support within 12 hours of a complaint being made through businesses social media platforms. (Nielsen 2015) 

Customers are now becoming brand advocates with 53% following brands through word of mouth recommendations, writing reviews and giving acknowledgment to the business for a great experience received. This now show the relevance the consumers have to a brand and the shift in power from the company pushing out their message to the customer who is now in control. (Nielsen 2015)


Back to College



In September of 2014, I was made redundant, at the age of 45. I didn’t want to apply for another position in the same sector …. I needed a new challenge. So in order to change my career path, I needed to re-educate myself and up-skill.

Digital Marketing seems to be the one area that hasn’t suffered through the recent recession. If anything it has exploded!

I had been dipping my toe into the digital marketing pool over the past few years, reading and researching the areas I needed to understand in order to be able offer this service to clients.

In order for me to set up a Digital Marketing Consultancy business, I needed to obtain the correct qualifications. After some research I decided to enrol on a Post Graduate Diploma with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Having been out of school/college for nearly 25 years, it was quite daunting and I feared the idea going back to study.  I was quite apprehensive on the first night, but so were a lot of other people, which I found out later.

The point I am trying to make is, it is never too late to start over again. 20 years ago you left school and if you were lucky you went on to college, or went out and got a job, which you may not have liked but paid a wage.  Things are so different today. People can choose what type of career they want to excel in and with so many ways to learn new skills the opportunities are endless.

I have sat through nearly 20 lectures since I started my Diploma and have learned so much in such a short period of time and have met so many like minded (dare i say it) mature students. You are surround by people who both want to change career or up-skill and share their experiences and help each other.  This makes it a lot easier to relax and enjoy the course as well.

This was definitely the best decision I have made in the last few years. So in conclusion, if you are thinking of going back to college or changing your career. Don’t be afraid too, it is a lot easier than you think!!

The Mature Student.

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