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Are you only starting out on social media?
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Social Media Networks Overview

Kompass Media provide a course on Social Media Overview. We give you insights of all the different social media platforms and show you the elements involved in them.

We look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube,

We give you a better understanding and help you in Choosing the right Digitals Channels to promote your business or services on.

You can learn what network works best for promoting your business from incorporating customer service, uploading video content, sharing photos, increasing your website rankings and finding new connections, prospects, and partners

We provide you with an overview of how to set up these platforms the correct Design Dimensions, Network Etiquette, Privacy Settings, Content Creation and Best Practices. Tips and tricks on posting the right content and the best times to post for maximum exposure.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

The questions we  get asked all the time is, where can I find the time to  post my content while I am trying to run a business. There are a vast array of scheduling tools available for social media.

As part of the course structure we look at scheduling tools that can take the pain out of  posting and uploading your content.

The Tools we look at include, Hootsuite, Buffer and Tweetdeck. All of these programmes can be used to schedule posts, video’s and  tweets. We also give you some ideas how to do this and get smart with your time.

Measurement Tools

After setting up your Social Media Networks and Scheduling your posts, you need to be able to track and measure how well they are performing.

You should spend  time identifying  your social media activities on your various accounts. Investing, this time, you can learn how to use the different types of measurement tools that are available to you and the good news most of the are FREE and are included on each of the platforms.

We look at overviews of Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Google Analytics. We explain what to look for on the  top tear of each of this Measurement tools, for a more in-depth analysis of these tools we provide a separate class for this.

For a more in-depth analysis of these tools we provide a separate class for this.

Follow Up and Support:

Participants on all our programmes  benefit from offsite support for one month on completion of courses and for a reasonable period after it concludes.  This support is offered via Kompass Media and LinkedIn Groups.

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