Email marketing remains a popular method for businesses to keep in touch with its loyal customer base. Companies use member newsletters, press releases, product updates and special offers email campaigns. With the number of emails increasing, it’s important that your emails are well written and constructed to ensure they grab the reader’s attention. They must be engageing, grabbing them in those initial seconds.

Email Marketing to some extent has gained a bad reputation amongst some due to the amount of spam material forced out which “clogs up” our inboxes and fills junk folders worldwide. But when utilised correctly email is one of the most effective marketing tools available.
With over 70% of consumers stating they wish to be notified of product related information via email (Ireland Digital Future Report by Amarach Research 2013). It provides an element of any inbound marketing strategy.
It enables businesses to create relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing techniques.

Here are some key points you can achieve with Email Marketing.
Increase Brand Awareness
Empower Target Messages
Cost Effective
Highly Measurable
Automated Enabled Emails
Achieve your correct marketing success with a cost effective solution through a tried and tested platform by email.

Kompass Media can develop a professional designed email template to ensure your message is dynamic and attention grabbing, and track the success rate of your email campaign through click through and opens.

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