LinkedIn Groups

7 Tips for LinkedIn Groups

Companies and brands have seen the power of LinkedIn for building communities, sharing knowledge and learning  from each other. LinkedIn Groups can help achieve this with engagement, motivation and contribution. Now small and medium size businesses can utilise this forum to build relationships with customers, partners and prospects.


We have put together 7 tips to help you interact when you join a group. 

  1. Join new groups that are relevant to your industry so you can share interesting content or learn from others.

  2. Start a discussion about something relevant to the group – get your name out there!

  3. Comment on discussions that others have started – people will start to realise you have something interesting to contribute.

  4. Add a “promotion” if you have a special event or upcoming class that you want to promote and share.

  5. Connect with people that you’ve interacted with in the group.

  6. Start a group so you can connect with like-minded people and be seen as a passionate expert in your field.

  7. Read the popular discussions in groups to learn what people in your field want to talk about.

For more information on groups and how to set up your own group and build your own community, contact us today.

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