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Some great takeaways from

The Social Media Clinic at The Biz Expo



What an amazing day we had in The Social Media Clinic at The Biz Expo in The CityWest Convention Centre on Tuesday.
We were joined by a group of experts in Digital Marketing and Social Media,Grey Fry, Alan Hennessy, Melanie Boylan, Denise Whitmore, Stephen McDonagh and David Browne. Each member of the team brought their own different area of expertise to the clinic to help answer questions for all of the attendees and exhibitors about Social Media, Digital Marketing and how to increase your presence online.

The Digital Doctors were also able to do ‘house calls’ to help the exhibitors that could not leave their stand, which was commented on by Darren Murray from Bailey Hygiene saying that he was delighted to get some advice on LinkedIn by the Doctors on Call!
We had some very interesting questions on a wide range of topics here are some of the most asked questions:
“I am on Social Media but I am not getting any results, can you help me?”
“Should I be spending money on Facebook Ads?”
“How do I grow my audience on Twitter and Instagram?”
How effective is Pinterest and how do I use it?”
“What are Hashtags used for?”
“How can I connect with the right target Audience?”
“I know I should be on Social Media but I don’t know where to start”
“How do I set up a YouTube Channel for my Business?”
As you can see there was quite a varied selection of questions asked on the day. Everyone that came to the clinic said that it was an excellent idea as some of the events and seminars they had been to previous to this one did not get personal with the problems they were having on social media or they felt silly asking very basic questions. When they left the clinic nearly everyone said they were delighted they came over to us, because they had learned so much  and did not realise that certain tools could make their job easier online.
The experts were also delighted as they also learned that some of the tools that  we take for granted are not  as well known by the micro businesses and gave them a better understanding of where they can now assist these businesses going forward.
Some of our experts also conducted some workshops throughout the day which were very well received by the audience.
Greg Fry spoke about “The Power of LinkedIn”
Denise Whitmore talked about “Twitter for Business”
Melanie Boylan showed us “How to make money from Facebook”
Alan Hennessy showed us some great “Social Media Tools for Business”.
The idea behind the Social Media Clinic was to give a resource to  SME’s and help them. Over the next few months we will be running events based on information and data we collected from emails, phone calls and from everyone that attended the Biz Expo . We have set up a team and more details of Newsletters, Ebooks, Seminars, Live Streams and Skype sessions.
I would personally like to thank Greg, Melanie, Denise, Steven and David for their support and the wealth of knowledge they brought to The Social Media Clinic.
As Barbara Gordon would say “Amazing”
If there are any items or topics you would like us to cover, we would be delighted to hear your suggestions. Please drop me an email to or  alternatively give me a call Mobile 086 845 9960
Thank You
Alan Hennessy (Head of Digital at Kompass Media)