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If you are using Facebook for business or trying to create brand awareness, we have put together 30 essential points that you should think about when posting on Facebook.

Facebook can be a very powerful engine if used correctly and can become a key functional tool to promote your business or organisation.

So let’s delve into 30 essential points to take into consideration before you start on your journey on Facebook.

  1. Facebook is one of the top search terms in the entire world
  2. 7 people in the world have their own Facebook page
  3. The average person on Facebook has around 130 friends
  4. 4. 500 Million people log into Facebook every day of the week
  5. There are 3.2 billion likes and comments posted on Facebook each day
  6. Woman have 55% more active post on their wall
  7. Females total 57% of Facebook users
  8. 70% of all Facebook pages are updated less than once per week
  9. 58% of Facebook visitors come back everyday of the week
  10. 684,478 pieces of information are shared each and every minute on Facebook
  11. One in four people use location tags in their posts on Facebook
  12. There are 250 million photos uploaded each day on Facebook
  13. The fastest growing age group on Facebook are aged between 45-54
  14. 54% of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile/cell phones
  15. The average Facebook visit lasts for around 20 minutes
  16. Facebook interaction is 30% higher on Sundays
  17. 80% of Internet users say that they prefer to connect with brands via Facebook
  18. Facebook business timelines has shown a 46% increase in brand user participation
  19. The ratio of views to share on Facebook posts is 9.1
  20. The average Facebook user spend about 700 minutes per month on Facebook
  21. Social Media customers engagement is expected to rise 57% with in the next five years
  22. Add an engaging human touch to your Facebook page
  23. Fill your Facebook page with Call to action to increase sales
  24. Advertise on Facebook for increased brand recognition and likes
  25. Stay active on your Facebook page can make a huge difference in your success in Facebook marketing
  26. 78% of all Facebook users have shown their support for a business, organization or group
  27. Most Facebook user report that they do not accept friend request from users who do not use a personal photo
  28. Woman tend to be more active on Facebook than men
  29. 83% of companies use Facebook as part of their Social Media campaigns
  30. 60% of business have seen an increase in conversions since starting Facebook Campaigns
If you take these points into consideration you can plan, develop and deploy a successful Facebook campaign.
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