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18920441_mPlanning a social media strategy can be a daunting task at the best of times,

  1. Where do I start,
  2. What do want to achieve,
  3. What should I post,
  4. When should I post,


Before you start your social media journey, you need to look at your business and what goals do you want to achieve. Social Media can help you business in a number of different ways.

  1. Increase your website traffic
  2. Increase conversions
  3. Promote your brand identity and awareness
  4. Engage communication and conversation with your audience
  5. The ability to track and monitor your progress.

Some essential marketing guidelines need to be followed before you start your social media campaign.


Before you start your campaign organise a brainstorming session with your staff, as they are key to what you can market. Your staff deal with your customers and client’s everyday and they would have a better understanding what they are looking for from your business. After completing the brainstorming session take the most valid points and develop them into your marketing campaign.


Offering helpful information that your customers can use is the first stage of social media marketing. Everyone likes to get something for nothing! Try using a range of different content, images, video, infographics and of course textual content. Create a discussion by asking a question like, “Let us find the answer for you”, this will engage your clients and start an interaction between both parties.

 Brand Image Management.

Brand Image Management, enables you to project a brand image that is exclusive to your company across many different platforms on social media. Each platform is different but your core business identity should always remain the same. 

Business Linking.

 Social Media is a slightly different kind of marketing, the basic may stay the same in promoting your brand, but social media is based on shared content. With this is mind; businesses sharing there own content to increase followers or fans should also look for related articles within their sector to share. Linking to other business improves trust and reliability and some companies may link back to your website in return.


In business you should always keep a eye on your competitors. Look at what they are providing on their social media platforms and what is getting the biggest response, what research keywords they have used and develop them into your next post. This can provide valuable data where to get industry-related links and other insights. Look at the techniques they are using to gain interest in their brands and develop them into yours.

Measuring Success.

 All Marketing campaigns need to understand and determine results, in order to understand what strategies are working and what should be abandoned. There are many excellent tools for tracking your progress on the Internet. Google Analytics can be used as a great tracking device to measure top marketing techniques. Facebook insights are a free service provided by Facebook to any business with a fan or followers page. Socialbaker also calculates data and analytics. Posting your good result on your social media platform will create more interest in your pages. This sends out a message that you are getting more popular and customers like to be part of something good.
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